Each year, the partner of the District Governor (DG) selects a charity, organisation or program to support and have the entire District gain awareness of it.

This year is no different. Madeleine Atkins, wife of our DG Brian, has selected RoadWhyz to be her project. 


This article has been contributed by Madeleine Atkins.

Having spent the past 20 years of my working life with the Department of Education, and having a keen interest in youth, I was always going to select a project that enhanced the lives of our young people.

Last year I met the team from ROADwhyz and I am now committed to the road safety message they deliver.

The ROADwhyz Choice and Consequence program is aimed at year 11 students who are L and P-plate drivers with the aim to provide them with the tools, skills and knowledge needed to stay safe on our roads.

It does not teach them how to drive.

It teaches them the serious responsibility of holding a licence.

The educational program in schools is about the choices our siblings, our children and grandchildren need to think about when they commence driving.

It is also heavily focused on the choice and consequence of being a passenger driving with a young inexperienced friend. 

It is about empowerment.

I am delighted to know some Clubs in our District are also involved in the Rotary Youth Driving Awareness program. Congratulations to our Rotarians who are involved in RYDA.

ROADwhyz is more hard-hitting than RYDA but both have a solid message to convey. There can never be enough road safety messages for our young people.

The professionals who present the program do it on their days off work and do not get paid so I am looking forward to supporting ROADwhyz so they can continue the message with their Choice and Consequence program and I seek your assistance to do this.