We have just celebrated the 110th birthday of the Rotary organisation, but did you know that on 23 February, it was also the 30th anniversary since the End Polio Now or PolioPlus campaign began.
Since Rotary started to eradicate the Polio disease, volunteers have immunised around 2 billion children; 10 million children have been saved from lifelong paralysis and 125 countries have been declared polio-free.
As of today, there are 193 Polio-free countries with only 3 countries still with reported cases arising, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria.
Why don't you share with others how we are "this close" to ending polio and highlight Rotary's contribution. You can use the toolkit, which includes:
  • event ideas
  • social media posts and graphics
  • press releases
  • op-eds to share with local media.
You can find the toolkit by clicking here.