Please find another important update regarding the District 9670 Conference from DG Brian Atkins.


My Fellow Rotarians

We have taken several calls asking how Rotarians can still bring their family and friends to the Conference Opening on Friday 28 March

We encourage you to register urgently now for the Conference 

This is YOUR conference!

The attached Final Conference Newsletter tells all ! (click here to view)

Yes, you still have time to register for the conference

Yes, you can bring you family and friends with you

Yes, we are still having the dynamic Marching Band and Entertainment Spectacular – how fantastic is this .... bring it on!

Please Note- If a non-Rotarian or family member wishes to join in the meal and indoor entertainment they must register just for the Friday evening similar to the Rotarians.

See you at the Conference, and Madeleine and I sincerely thank you for your support.