Initial Applications are made by students direct to The District Chairman of the program. These forms can be downloaded from the website: Forms can also be obtained from The Secretary of the District Youth Exchange Program Committee.
Click here to download the Initial Application form: Initial Application Form
The Initial Application Form is to be supported by the most recent school report and any other documents or references the applicant may wish to present. These are to be submitted to The Chairman by 1st April. An application fee is required to be paid with the initial application form. The Chairman will then send the Initial Application Form to the participating Clubs closest to the applicant’s home address. Clubs are to complete interviews at their level during April.           
Once clubs have approved the student they wish to sponsor, they are to return the Club Interview Report Form to the District Chairman. District Interviews will then be arranged for the student and their parents to attend in late May. A member of the sponsoring Rotary Club is asked to accompany the student to the district interview.
At the District Interviews, students will be given instructions on how to complete the Rotary Youth Exchange Long Term Application form. 
The District Committee will hold a Selection/Assessment/Placement Day in late June for the potential outbound students to attend. The students are briefed on subsequent procedures and have the opportunity to have any questions answered. At the conclusion of the day, the Committee finalises selection and successful students are advised of their country allocations from their sponsoring Rotary Club President.
Applications and any other outstanding paperwork are then finalised and submitted to the District's overseas exchange partners. Final acceptance cannot be guaranteed or advised until the overseas districts confirm acceptance of the student’s application. Further orientation/briefing sessions and administrative preparations continue on the assumption that this will occur. Some overseas acceptances may not arrive until quite late in the year. However, this is in time for final visa and travel arrangements to be made to allow for departure in mid January.