Rotary Youth in Crops, Agronomy, Grain and Seeds (RYCAGS)



The Rotary Club of Narromine will conduct the third RYCAGS Camp in Narromine from 28th October to 2 November 2012. Year 9/10 agriculture students are invited from Central Western NSW schools to attend the weeklong camp. A maximum of thirty students are enrolled.

The Narromine Showground is the venue for the event and students are housed in good accommodation with showers and toilets. The males are well distanced from the females. Meals are prepared by Rotarians from the Rotary Food Van. Supervision by Rotarians is 24/7. Two small buses are hired to transport the students.

The students will visit three Narromine farms to hear the owners describe their various cereal crops, ground preparation and crop rotation, irrigation, spraying methods, fertilizer application, etc. Two machinery retailers demonstrate their tractors, harvesters, spray machines etc. Four large grain wholesalers provide tours of their premises and explain transportation, storage, cleaning, germination trials, moisture sampling etc. We visit a cattle feed lot to witness grain being fed to cattle in controlled proportions. A real highlight is field trials, explanation of a weather station and soil sampling at a Research Station. Watching grain being made into feed pellets is another interesting exercise.

Several professionals are invited to provide their expertise on various subjects including agronomy, crop finance, crop insurance, grain marketing, fertilizers etc.

Many activities are arranged in the evening to enable the students to wind-down and have fun. A formal dinner is held on the Thursday night with a guest speaker associated with the cropping industry. Attendance to this event is very popular with up to 100 people attending.

Sponsorship from local businesses has been overwhelming and very supportive.

Nominations started for the 2012 camp at the end of the last camp and this year’s camp was full at the end of 2011. Nominations have started for the 2013 camp. Most of the students are from farming families.