The first District 9670 e-club is on the way!


Have been given Rotary approval to form a provisional club; however:


25 members minimum are required to charter club
• Currently have 14 potential members, including from interstate
• Main challenge is to increase the membership base to 25
• Confident of rapid membership growth once club is running
• Static web page is up. Have a look at
• Annual e-club fee will be decided at later date
• Interactive Club website is under construction
• Dummy’ website will be open to a few invited people to test the software before we go live.
• End-of-year is estimate of commence time for the club, depending on initial membership.

Further information or member interest contact Chris Boswell:

Two District Rotarians PDG Don Stephens and AG Chris Boswell are continuing planning and developing the club, which probably will be the second e-club to be based in Australia, joining many others from around the world that are already in the USA, Great Britain, Finland, Hong Kong, Brazil Taiwan and Singapore – to name a few. The first e-club was formed in Colorado in the USA in 2002.

E-clubs are fully approved and endorsed by RI and there can only be two per District.

E-clubs must meet and sometimes exceed all of the requirements necessary to form and maintain a traditional Rotary club. The security implications attached to safeguarding members‘ information are stringent.

E-clubs are an adjunct to more traditional Rotary clubs – they are not a substitute. They do extend Rotary to eligible people everywhere – who are unable to meet usual attendance requirements.

This first District 9670 e-club, provisionally to be known as  ̳The Rotary E-Club of District 9670 East‘ will be centred in the eastern part of the District and will be a  ̳pure‘ e-club. This means that membership can be worldwide, and all of the club‘s business will be transacted on the internet. Face-to-face meetings will be held occasionally.

The second type of e-club is known as a  ̳hybrid‘ club. Hybrid clubs draw most of their membership from the local area and therefore have more regular face-to-face meetings – perhaps even monthly. Hybrid clubs transact most of their business on the internet.

After this first pure club in the District is implemented, a hybrid club could be in the planning pipeline for the western part of the District.
A typical Rotary e-club has a public website for visitors and a separate members‘ clubhouse that is closed to visitors.

E-club Membership in an e-club is open to:

  • People who have no previous Rotary membership who meet normal membership eligibility requirements and who might serve more effectively on line rather than in the standard Rotary club.
  • Former Rotarians who wish to renew their association with Rotary and want to give service.
  • People under the age of 35 who don‘t necessarily have time or financial resources to be a member of a standard Rotary club.
  • Current Rotarians unable to sustain standard Rotary club membership because of business commitments, health issues, geographic location or a mobile lifestyle.

Applications for membership are vetted rigorously, perhaps even more so than applications to join a traditional Rotary club.

If you know of anyone who has an interest in Rotary but might be a bit hesitant to join due to the need to fulfil all of the requirements of membership of a traditional Rotary Club, then why not direct them to Alan or Chris. If they have a burning ambition to do something for their local and worldwide community then joining this e-club might be the perfect opportunity to get in to Rotary. They will need to complete an application and then go through the vetting process for membership.

If you are a serving District Rotarian and are genuinely interested in our e-club then you may want to complete the attached  ̳expression of interest form‘.

Completion of an expression of interest is not an application to join the e-club. Rotarians cannot be a member of two Rotary clubs simultaneously. Serving Rotarians are not eligible simply to move from their traditional club to an e- club without a sound reason for doing so, ie they need to demonstrate that they can no longer continue membership in their current traditional club because of business commitments, health issues, geographic location, their mobile lifestyle or other personal reasons.

A good proportion of former experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic Rotarians are essential to the success of the e-club in its first year of operation. So anyone who meets these criteria might find the opportunity afforded by e-club membership to be an exciting development in their Rotary life.

Indeed the expectations and challenges, particularly in the early and formative years of the new e-club, will be demanding and extensive but the rewards involved in this exciting new development should far outweigh the added investment of time and effort.

So please talk with Alan or Chris or contact them on the email addresses below if you want to know more. Chris is attending to the technical and internet security requirements involved in the set up; and Alan is working on the chartering, administration and new membership aspects.

Chris Boswell who is at 

If you are a Rotarian and want to fill in the expression of interest form just do the following:

1. First save the blank form to your computer with your unique file name, for example  ̳expression of interest_[insert your surname].pdf‘.    

2. Second, fill in the different fields (you can tab between them)

3. Third, when complete, save the file again.    

4. Finally, send the completed form as an email attachment to Chris as soon as possible.