The District Governor Gerard McMillan has taken the initiative in introducing an existing, excellent and exciting Rotary program into our District this year – Rotary Peace Fellowships. This program has been in existence for 18 years but this is the first time Rotary District 9670 is being involved. The Rotary Peace Fellowships are fully funded by The Rotary Foundation. The awarding of Fellowships is a very competitive world wide process. Hopefully we will be able to find some suitable applicants who go through a very rigorous selection process on a world wide basis.
Now is time to start looking for Rotary Peace Applicants for the Peace Fellowships.
For all the information on Rotary Peace Fellowships and the enormous benefits to both individuals and their organisations, in the instance, please refer to The Rotary Peace Fellowships pages on our District web site.  The information that you will require to get started is on the District web site, while links are provided to the RI Peace Centers pages..