The Rotary Club of Murrurundi is undertaking their biggest challenge in many years.
This year is the 50th Anniversary of the closure of the Murrurundi Locomotive Sheds.
You are invited to “A Tribute to Murrurundi’s Rail Employees and the History of The Great Northern Railway” on Sunday 25 October.
It is well known the railway played an important part in the history of Murrurundi. Fifty years ago 40 or more people were employed by the railway. This enabled the town to be quite a thriving and prosperous community with many more shops, residences, schools, sporting and social attractions. Since the closure many of these have either disappeared or been reduced. There is very little evidence today of how important and vital the railway was to the development of the community. Visitors and new residents see little evidence of the important role that the railway played.
Little is known of the first Loco sheds. They were situated near the old Railway Crossing and Gate Keepers Cottage. The line opened on 5th April 1872 and these loco sheds were used for 14 years. All traces of this has now disappeared. The second shed was built in l891 and was in operation for 74 years until its closure 50 years ago.
The Rotary Club of Murrurundi plans are fabulous day out for all train enthusiasts. It will be a family day and includes:
  • A return ticket travelling in a picturesque vintage motor rail from Broadmeadow to Murrurundi picking up passengers along the way
  • Free entry to the Murrurundi Garden Model Train Display
  • Specially prepared lunch for all to enjoy and morning and afternoon teas
  • Free entry to the famous Werris Creek Railway Display
  • Bus Tour of the famous Emirates Park Horse Stud
  • Visit to a picturesque Pioneer Cottage and Museum
The town are preparing to welcome around 200 visitors arriving by rail. For a return ticket, it will cost just $98 per person.
Planning is underway for a Newcastle Model Railway Club to set up a giant display of all types of vintage and modem trains. Also a Sydney based Model train club will arrange a great display of train with a village, tunnels and all types of features included.
As invitations have been sent to the local Murrurundi community and train enthusiasts, the Rotary Club would like to have one train full of Rotarians, so the people of Murrurundi can see “Rotary in Action”. If numbers require, a second train will travel the route.
Let's showcase how our Rotary family unites, celebrates, has fun and contributes to the community.
For more details and bookings please contact Col Stanford from the Rotary Club of Murrurundi on Phone Home 6546 6482, Mobile 0438 078 563 or email