When its all about getting your name out there, the Rotary Club of Rylstone Kandos has done the District proud over October . Assisting with the catering for the town’s centenary, members of the Rotary Club have stepped up to the plate (literally) serving over 1,000 meals to locals and Government officials alike. 
The October Long Weekend was a huge event for Kandos with all weekend celebrations to mark the centenary of the establishment of the town. Kandos is quite unique as it was a “purpose built” town to serve the cement works.

Rylstone Kandos Rotarians were happy to provide over 1,000 servings of food over the weekend, plus tea and coffee – including tea and coffee for the Governor of NSW! “Serving this number of people pushed our band of workers, especially as some Rotarians had roles to play in other activities over the weekend.” President and Team Leader, Klaus Keck said. “We thank especially the young non-Rotarians who helped us. In fact on the Saturday we could not have managed without them.”

Food was only a part of the Rotary contri-bution as we also had a tent with a display about Rotary.
Rylstone Kandos Rotary Club celebrated 65 years earlier this year so there is quite a history with the link with Kandos. “Not only was the historical display in keeping with the theme of the weekend, it provided an opportunity to promote Rotary locally and to display the work of Rotary International” Rotarian Elizabeth McKay said. “I hope that letting the community know more about Rotary we may be able to encourage some new members. If that doesn’t happen it is at least good to promote Rotary International as the great organisation that it is.” she said.