District Governor Adrian was been busy in these first 3 months of his year visiting Clubs around the District. Most recently he has been to a number of Clubs west of the divide and reports that they are indeed fabulous supporters and activists in their communities. Even though some may be small in member numbers, but they are big of heart and action.
It can also be said that Rotarians in these smaller communities are often also members of other community groups and contribute on many fronts. At a recent meeting in Cobar, there was one member who was wearing pagers for two emergency service groups both of which went off during the meeting. In Narromine the members had the previous weekend provided catering at two community events and were busy planning the coming ones. 
If you are ever in Narromine you must visit the Wetlands, this is a fabulous community facility with the Rotary Club of Narromine being major contributors to its development and on-going maintenance. It is quite likely that you will find Nesto running around the centre on the mower on any given day.   
Of course there are also the characters you meet in town. While having a screw removed from a tyre (and there was 2 in one trip), Adrian was asked to throw the screw back out onto the road to help bring some more business in! And in one Club the member whose vocation is as ‘Barrister’ on her dinner badge.....in talking to her Adrian discover she was a ‘Barista’ but thought it was a great joke that it was spelt wrong and was proud of her new profession.
Clubs and members around not only our District but across the nation and world are always welcoming to visitors, so when you are away from home, look up the local Rotary Club and join them for a meal and hospitality.