Group Study Exchange (GSE)


The Rotary Group Study Exchange (GSE) program is a unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunity for young business and professional people between the ages of 25 and 45 and in the early years of their professional lives.
The program provides travel grants for teams to exchange visits between paired areas in different countries. For approximately 4 weeks, team members experience the host country's institutions and ways of life, observe their own vocations as practiced abroad, develop personal and professional relationships and exchange ideas. Teams are hosted by Rotarian families in the receiving district, and have the opportunity to share a range of experiences with these families.
This District has exchanged in many parts of the world, including Taiwan, Germany, USA, Italy, Jamaica, England, Argentina,Denmark and Lithuania, over the past few years.  


This 4 week exchange will provide opportunities for both professional and personal growth through immersion in a new culture, vocational visits as well as developing relationships abroad. This is no holiday!  The 4 week program keeps team members extremely busy with social, cultural and vocational commitments whilst in the host country, in addition to home hosting. It provides a unique opportunity to engage on a level not experienced by other visitors.
Team Member Eligibility
  • Be between the ages of 25 and 45 (at time of exchange)
  • Have been in their vocation for a minimum of 2 years, and;
  • May be descendant or relative of a Rotarian.
Team Leader Eligibility
  • Be a Rotarian in District 9670
  • Demonstrated experience and contribution as a Rotarian
  • Ability to lead a team
  • Be physically and psychologically able to handle a vigorous program
  • Applicants cannot be the current District Governor , Governor Elect or Immediate Past District Governor when the team departs
  • Having some proficiency in the language of the host District is desirable

Full application details for both team leaders and team members are available here. 


Rotary Clubs can Support Inbound & Outbound Teams
  1. Nominate & Support a Team Member or Team Leader
District 9670 Rotary Clubs are encouraged to nominate and support suitable applicants for team members or Rotarian(s) as the team leader.
To support an applicant, a Club will be responsible for:
  • Payment of the $75 application fee (Team Leader applicants may pay their own)
  • If chosen in the team, cost of a team jacket and D9670 Conference registration fee (Team members only, Rotarians will be expected to pay for their own Conference registration)
  1. Host the Inbound team
Rotary Clubs can nominate to host the inbound team  (Team leader and 4 team members) during their time in our District.  
By hosting the team, Rotarians in the Club open their homes for up to 6 nights for a member of the inbound team to enable the team member to experience “normal family life”. 
Hosts provide meals and accommodation, and in collaboration with the hosting Club provide vocational or cultural opportunities for the team members. It is usual for the team to attend a Club meeting whilst being hosted, and Clubs are encouraged to work together to enable the inbound team to experience many opportunities relevant to our District and Australia. Please note, any activities undertaken with the inbound team are at the expense of the hosting Club
The hosting club will also be responsible for arranging transportation from their club to the team’s next location.
Whilst every attempt will be made to include all clubs that express interest, due to geographical and time constraints, it may not be possible.
To nominate your Club to host team members and support vocational opportunities for the inbound exchange team, please express your interest via