Posted by Chris McGrath on Jan 16, 2018
I have been notified by ClubRunner yesterday that the new changes mentioned below will be rolled out this week, so you will lose your identification banner and if you are satisified you can leave your site without if you choose. You will see what we have done with the district site to keep our identity, but needs some more work yet.
There is to be a significant website change by ClubRunner introducing new features and removing current themes in the aim to bring all ClubRunner websites up to date. This includes the District website. Please read below for more information.
Some information re the changes which may be of assistance for your club. The current 10 themes (app.) will be reduced to 5 and from information listed  below if your club is a ClubRunner site some work may need to be done.
The copies of letters below may help  to keep you up to date with current information from ClubRunner.
Hello Chris, (9th November)

Not a problem, I will reopen this email on Thurs Nov 30th, which is when we will be updating your site 'back' to a next gen theme. This way I can let you know I've updated your site, feel free to ask any questions then.

Note that this update will not touch the layout, or the content of your website in any way. I've been describing to users this is like 'changing into a new shirt' - meaning only the aesthetics will change, everything else remains the same.

Have a wonderful day.

Hello Chris, (8th November)

Our DEV team has converted your site back to an older website theme, you can check [ ].

Note that we will be moving your website 'back' to a Next gen theme after Nov 30th. This next gen theme upgrade does apply to all our District websites too.

When we changeover to next gen permanently (after Nov 30th) please feel free to respond back to this email again if you need more support, or contact anyone at Support, we would be to assist.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Mickey D.
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